Manufacturing and construction planning

Good manufacturing and construction planning form the foundation for the successful and sustainable achievement of company goals.

We will show you how to achieve high flexibility, short throughput times, high product quality, and last but not least, low susceptibility to failure in your production systems with the help of innovative methods.

From the starting point of your future production program planning and the associated production volume as well as bills of materials, we will develop your individual medium to long term capacity planning. This also takes challenges such as seasonal fluctuations, product ramp-ups, or phasing out of products into account. Furthermore, we will thoroughly analyze your existing value stream, identify improvement potential, and develop an optimized value stream design in accordance with the lean production principles.

Factory design

Within the framework of concept planning, we will analyze different segmentation variants and develop your future factory design together with you. To do so, we will work our way forward in a structured manner, from the ideal to the real concept, examine different manufacturing concepts (e.g., cyclic assembly vs. workshop production), determine the optimal degree of automation, dimension all relevant production areas, and develop various block layout versions that we evaluate together with you. Based on this, we will prepare a real, detailed CAD layout step by step, create a comprehensive room book, and thereby develop the concept in more detail.

We use state-of-the-art digital tools for this, which help us simulate materials flows or dynamic processes, for example. With the help of simulation tools, we can optimize your manufacturing and assembly processes, e.g., in terms of batch size, production and assembly management, set-up time, stocks, or buffer areas. Furthermore, we can also create simulations to improve workplace ergonomics.


Thereafter, we will devise a detailed and modularly constructed implementation and investment plan. We are happy to accompany your project from the tender and contract award up to the SOP.