On-Site-Logistics 4.0 for the automotive industry

On-site logistics is all about the right timing. This applies especially to automotive manufacturers with their highly complex logistical systems.

How do you ensure constant supply for an inner-city production site?

And how do you even increase the efficiency in an inner-city automotive factory with more than 12.000 employees? ifp consulting knows the answer. Our experts have modelled the entire transport network in a factory of a German premium manufacturer in order to develop the right optimization approaches. The resulting measures can reduce the logistics cost by up to 15%.

Our Industry 4.0 approach

Core component of the measures is an adaptive transport management with “Industrie 4.0” solution elements. By integrating environmental and process information, the available transport vehicles can be used more effectively and their utilization can be increased significantly. For evaluating the system, all material movements and control mechanisms were modelled in Plant Simulation. Afterwards, the impact of the optimization measures was accurately quantified by means of the validated model.

automotive industry,Digitalization,Supply chain


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