Process optimization and restructuring

Steady growth, new products, and new technologies can necessitate process optimization and restructuring of the factory. Market requirements and changes, such as the Smart Factory, the Industrial Internet of Things, or networked production, demand consistent optimization and adaptation of company processes in production and logistics.

Lean management

The basic idea of lean factory operation also includes the consistent improvement of all processes, especially in their flexibility. Lean factory planning means designing the production processes and integrating the layout of your plant halls in such a way that you can turn productivity, quality, manufacturing costs, throughput time, and delivery reliability into your competitive edge.

Additionally, it may become necessary to consider a digital network of machines, people, and material. This involves the use of innovative and intelligent ifp methods which open up new dimensions in planning and production (use of VR glasses, drones, virtual factory).

Our consultants will continuously analyze the data through the entire production process to ensure flexible and efficient production.

Ideally, you will bring ifp on board as a technological consulting firm early on. Based on their experience, our experts know the most efficient and sensible ways to master a factory redesign and which stages must be included in the plans for the market-oriented development of your company. We offer comprehensive and individual assistance in planning, as well as implementing all restructuring and optimization measures.