Tender and contract award

Factory planning involves a tender that provides a detailed performance specification upon the basis of which external partners are recruited for support. Drafting tender documents should therefore be included in the planning process, as well as managing and coordinating the service providers.

We have wide-ranging and extensive experience with tenders and awarding services in factory planning. We will support you in the entire tender management and contract awarding process.

As an expert in factory planning, we methodically and operatively advise you in the drafting of tender documents as well as in the management process. This way, we can ensure that you select a top-performing service partner at optimal costs to optimize your production. In the process, we take your award criteria into consideration in a very individual manner and draft practical and transparent tender documents.

Take advantage of our tried-and-tested repertoire of methods. With our help, creating extensive tender documents and organizing the selection of potential partners will be a breeze.